I see great things in our future, kid. Great things. 

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can anyone provide me some help? so i’m trying to add an adjustment to my gif and all of sudden it effects only one of the frames. Before this I’ve always been to able to add the adjustment to the whole gif. When I’m moving between the frames the eye icon next to my adjustment layer disappears. I have my adjustment layer on top of the other layers and I’ve tried to select the “effect all the layers below” but it doesn’t work.

I’m using Photoshop CS6 on pc

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ohdewitts asked: bioshock infinite or tomb raider?

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"All for revenge." 

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Character appreciation post:
             » Leon Scott Kennedy (resident evil 6)

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‘Champion of Kirkwall,’ that was the reward. A fine title. Every noble at the Keep owed the Champion their lives. She wasn’t just a hero, she was now the most important person in the city.

Except for Knight-Commander Meredith, of course. With the viscount dead, she stepped in to keep order. Things quickly got out of hand. The more she squeezed the mages, the more they resisted. The more they resisted, the tighter she squeezed.

After three years of that, it all came crashing down.

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make me choose : Journey or Flower [requested by anon]
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the beauty of Skyrim

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